VRV/VRF Technology
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VRV/VRF Technology

VRV is a system developed and designed by Daikin Industries and means “variable refrigerant volume”. Daikin protected the term VRV so other manufacturers use the term VRF “variable refrigerant flow” (VRF). In principle they both work the same and are extremely efficient, reliable, energy saving ways to heat and cool all types of buildings with minimum installation time or disruption.

The volume or flow rate of refrigerant is accurately matched to the required heating or cooling loads thereby saving energy and providing more accurate control.

In short, they are probably the best systems currently available for mid to large applications.

The ability to control each conditioned zone keeps VRV system running cost to an absolute minimum. Furthermore, only those areas calling for air conditioning need to be cooled or heated and the system can be shut down completely in unoccupied rooms.

VRV is quicker and easier to install and requires less plumbing and wiring than water-based chiller systems. Because installation can be carried out one floor at a time, new buildings can be occupied quicker and there is minimum disruption when VRV is retro-fitted in existing buildings.

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