About Us

Advanced Aircon Design & Construct Pty Ltd has been providing specialised services for many years.

An Australian family business with combined experience and knowledge expanding over 50 years. Advanced Aircon has designed and developed a comprehensive portfolio of solutions servicing all industries and is part of the HVAC market.

AADC specializes in design, supply, installation and service of leading brand split system and ducted air conditioning solutions for every application presented by our unique Australian environment.

AADC supplies expertise and has large product range backed up by long-standing relationships with leading local suppliers, to ensure that the solutions you need are supported by its strong professional team.

Our professional and experienced team are trained to handle your air-conditioning requirements even the largest and most complex needs for your personal project.

The team at Advanced Aircon has successfully completed a significate number of commercial, residential, fit-out projects around NSW, together the team look forward to completing your next project and adding to their already impressive portfolio.

Our Value

  • Safety:

    Safety is of paramount importance to our operations and we are dedicated to the continuous assessment, review and reconfiguration of safety management systems to reflect and support the evolving work environment. Advanced Aircon strives for the highest standards in WH&S. The prevention and minimisation of risks, injuries, illness, and accidents is achieved through a strong and permeating culture of education, risk management, and the application of cohesive remedial procedures.

  • Integrity:

    Engaging with our clients and having transparency is essential to our company.

    It is through the facilitation of robust dialogue where we aim to ensure the clarity of our objectives and outcomes, while appropriately managing expectations between employees and clients. Advanced Aircon aims to be your trusted company, by ensuring the best work every step of the way.

  • Relationships:

    Establishing and maintaining partnerships with our clients, suppliers, employees and more broadly, the communities in which we work, is an integral function of our business. We recognise the significance of these working relationships and place a high priority on investing time and resources into maintaining affiliations that are mutually beneficial, productive and respectful.

  • Continuous Improvement:

    At Advanced Aircon our continuous improvement methodology empowers us to regularly review our performance and identify areas of improvement, directly benefiting our clients and employees. With software implementation as well as our emphasis on Quality Assurance, we believe that our processes allow our customers to reduce overall costs and improve efficiency.

  • Health & Safety:


    Advance Aircon ensures all operations of the business comply with WH&S legislation which is represented from Senior Management right throughout the business.Implements WH&S procedures across the business and provides employees with the necessary skills and training to promote a safety conscious work environment.

    Promotes a Safety First culture throughout all aspects of the business operations.